Bath Sheet with Initials

$ 35.00

This over-sized luxurious 100% cotton, loop terry towel has a decorative dobby border and dobby hem finish. Whether at home or on the beach, this towel will keep you dry in style and comfort. Pair with our Signature Tote Bag for a truly memorable gift! 

In the example photo, a Navy Bath Sheet features the initials ALE embroidered in the Vera Font with White Thread. 

When entering the name to be embroidered, please enter the Full Name.  

For example:

Allison Elizabeth Lambert (for an individual)


Albert & Ellen Longfellow (for a couple)

Once we have the full name, we will format it in the traditional monogram style.  The traditional monogram style is:

First Name, Last Name, Middle Name (for an individual)

Groom's First Name, Common Last Name, Bride's First Name (for a couple)

material: 100% cotton

towel dimensions: 35" width x 65" length

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